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“Karen is one of the most change resilient people I know. Over many years I have observed her dealing with significant changes in both her personal and professional life. In the face of failure or disappointment, she quickly internalizes the learning value of the experience – picks herself up, dusts herself off, and gets right back into the game. Karen is all about HEART in every sense of the word!”

Jeff Davidson, Consultant
Victor Apa & Associates

"Thanks to Karen’s leadership and coaching, our ability to deal with change has increased dramatically. Our employees’ ability to embrace change at all levels in the organization is stronger than ever. And that’s not all! Our leaders have also learned how to capture the hearts and minds of our employees resulting in the development of a culture of service passion and employee engagement. Karen played a significant role in helping our business return to profitability.”

Richard M. Evans
President & CEO
Liberty Insurance Company of Canada
March 2004

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Change Resilience
Work Life Balance

Is your organization sufficiently change resilient? Are people passionate about change? When a change cloud rolls in, do employees anticipate rain and run for cover? Or, do they quickly find the silver lining excited about the personal and professional learning and career opportunities inherent in every change?

Karen’s motivational “Find the SILVER lining” message, based on her HEART model provides important insight into the characteristics of change resilience exhibited in today’s most resilient organisations.

Are the stresses of achieving work life balance becoming a major issue for your employees, despite the flexible work programs you’ve put in place? Many barriers to managing work life balance are self-imposed and employees need to recognize what’s in their control to change. If you’ve really done your part , perhaps it’s up to your employees to do theirs.

Karen’s inspirational “Get over yourself” message will help your employees recognize that much of the secret to finding work life balance lies in better self management.