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“Karen, truly speaks from professional business experience and the heart in sharing her personal story of blending work and life.

Karen successfully delivered a message the entire audience could not only
relate to, but more importantly learn from.

Karen’s upbeat and witty delivery, is a must see for any organization
looking to deliver a learning message about work and life ‘blend’.

Nancy McTeague
Director, Human Resources
Toronto Marriott Downtown Eaton Centre

"Karen speaks with authority from a unique and refreshing perspective.  On the one hand, she is the no-nonsense business and HR consultant.  On the other hand, she shows sensitivity to people who are feeling vulnerable and exposed.    Karen challenges us to look at our organizational culture; offers insight into finding ways to enhance our resilience; and for coping and thriving when facing the uncertainty of transitions.  A truly enlightening and engaging presenter!"


Dale Munro, MSW, RSW, FAAMR

Clinical Supervisor, Regional Support Associates
London, Ontario

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KEYNOTE - Find the Silver Lining

While climbing the corporate ladder, Karen became  a full-time mom to fourstepsons aged 4 to 20. Being a self-professed “change junkie”, with a huge capacity for work, Karen kept taking on more and more and continued working with the same gusto she always had.

One day that stopped working for her and she was thunderstruck by the reality that she could juggle 100 balls, but not 101. Karen was fired and that was her first clue that she needed to make some changes – in how she balanced her work and life and how she approached her role as a leader.

Karen quickly found the silver lining in this painful situation – the opportunity to reflect and learn. She paused, reached out to others for feedback and support and remained open to some very important lessons. It wasn’t long before her climb up the corporate ladder continued.

And several years later, at 42, just when she thought she’d figured it all out, a surprise pregnancy and an acquisition at work, changed everything again!

Karen’s story of success and failure is heart-warming, heart-wrenching and filled with the kind of honesty that only comes when one truly speaks from the heart. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious.

Participants will realize the importance of “finding the silver lining” using HEART - the characteristics of change resilience that have contributed to Karen’s success and the success of others who have benefited from her coaching.