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“I’ve got to tell you you’ve been a big pain in the *&^ sometimes (now that I have your attention) but in total, an absolute joy to work with! You have been tremendously supportive for which I thank you. You’ve been a great example of leadership and have contributed tremendously to not only transforming the HR operation but also in making a significant difference to our operation. I don’t believe there is a single person in our organization who is not aware of the different kind of valuable HR organization you have created and also aware of the remarkable person who made it happen. Thanks for doing so much so well.”
- Rick Evans, President & CEO, Liberty Insurance Company of Canada

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“As our Keynote Speaker for the day, you succeeded in capturing the audience’s attention and delivering a moving presentation which was both engaging and inspiring. “Your story, delivered in a humorous yet candid style, was relatable and relevant in today’s hectic world.”
- Sharon Galor, Director of Human Resources, Services, Toronto Airport Marriott

“Karen, I cannot begin to tell you how lucky I feel that I had the opportunity to work with you. I have learned so much from you. You have been one of the reasons I continued to drive the distance I do to work. I will miss you and your insight tremendously.”
- Catharine Loopstra, Human Resources Associate, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

“Thank you for all your help and support the last few years, both professionally and personally. It would have been a mess if it weren’t for you. You have been one of the best bosses I’ve had and taught me a lot. I’ll miss you greatly…”
- Mary Stewart, Human Resources Associate, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

“We have accomplished so much because of your energy and focus. You really do believe in employees and I like that about you…You have given me the confidence and energy to step outside of my boundaries. And I love it….through your guidance I have learned a lot about myself. Also you had the confidence in me to allow me to carry things out on my own.”
- Wendy Brown, Service Specialist, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

"Karen speaks with authority from a unique and refreshing perspective.  On the one hand, she is the no-nonsense business and HR consultant.  On the other hand, she shows sensitivity to people who are feeling vulnerable and exposed.    Karen challenges us to look at our organizational culture; offers insight into finding ways to enhance our resilience; and for coping and thriving when facing the uncertainty of transitions.  A truly enlightening and engaging presenter!"
Dale Munro, MSW, RSW, FAAMR, Clinical Supervisor, Regional Support Associates, London, Ontario