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Where Has Common Sense Gone?.
A Grocery Store Service Saga

It was a busy Saturday afternoon in the grocery store.  There were four people in each line and of course, all the checkout counters were not in operation.  After all, cashiers need to each lunch too!

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Ditch the Cape, Supermom

Published in The Briefcase Diaries column at www.weewelcome.ca,  October 7, 2005

You are great at multi tasking. Itís 6:30 a.m. Youíre ready for work, thrown a load of laundry in, taken something out of the freezer for dinner and made the grocery shopping list for the way home.

Youíre a Type A personality.

At the office by 7:30 and still there twelve hours later. You did the work to climb the corporate ladder while you could Ė before the kids came along. It worked. You kept getting promoted.

Now youíre on maternity leave. What a piece of cake! Trade the office work for a few poopy diapers, story time, play time, and a walk in the park!

Except itís been a few months now, and things arenít quite the way you thought theyíd be.

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Is Working From Home For You?

My daughter was born a few weeks before my company told employees we were being sold. Not the best time for the VP, Human Resources to be on maternity leave! Back to work when Meghan was a few weeks old, the acquisition was completed a few months later and I learned there would be no job for me. Severance provided the opportunity to start my own business, work from home and spend more time with all my children including three stepsons aged 14, 16 and 25. A year later, I realize how much I underestimated the adjustment for the entire family.

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Unexpected Choices

(Published in the Canadian Down Syndrome Society Quarterly Newsletter, Winter 2005, Vol 18.1)

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Please be Balanced: A Parentís Ask of Healthcare Professionals

Published in the Ontario Association on Developmental Disabilitiesí  Journal on Development Disabilities
Vol 12 No 1

Since the birth of our daughter, a beautiful 19-month-old girl with Down syndrome, Iíve paid a lot more attention to the world around me and specifically to the subtle and not so subtle messages conveyed by healthcare professionals both in person and in print. And Iíve found myself increasingly upset with what Iím hearing and experiencing.

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